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Frostiron by WayandIero Frostiron :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 0 0
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It Wasn't Enough Chap:16 :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 14 17
I'd End My Days, 1/?
The world on its own is a very dangerous place; natural disasters occur every day, killing off another portion of the human race. It can't be stopped, it's invertible. An accident that humans accomplish on their own is caused by fate, or lack of common sense. A worker going about his task upon an unnecessarily high building, who just so happens to slip and fall tragically to his death, for example, can be avoided, but it's not like it was intentional. Now, harm caused purposely to someone by another human being, is undesirable, unjustifiable and an act that could be so easily prevented, if only to cease more unwelcome suffering on the world. Nothing gives you the right to take another life.
It's a bleak topic to start my day off with, but it's one that's been associated closely with our town of Belleville, New Jersey over the passing month. I re-read the article on the front page of today's local newspaper: 'Millie Moore, 18, was found late last night in an alley down New Baker Street,
:iconwayandiero:WayandIero 0 0
I Hope Youu Feel Proud of Yourself
I remember a time, so far away now, when life was simple and in most accounts good. When we were together, not for very long, but it was good. Sure we were a crime, but that didn't matter because we had each other; we were happy, and we were good. Such a long time ago now.
I was only 21, so little life ahead of me; now I have too much, because of what you did to me. I had no idea what you were, or what you'd make me become; I never asked for this! I never wanted this. The pain was unbearable, I still remember it now. It was like I was being unmade, when in truth I was dying, and you stood there telling me it'd be alright; why did you lie to me? From that day on I was scared of you, scared of what you'd turned me into; but the love was still there, and for that reason I stayed. Only now do I realise what that love really was. We were both monsters living at the dead of night, having only but each other. Monsters of the night. Vampires. You did this to me.
A bond between a creator and hi
:iconwayandiero:WayandIero 0 0
Far Across the Lizard by WayandIero Far Across the Lizard :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 9 4 Cat Nonsense by WayandIero Cat Nonsense :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 1 0 Just Admit by WayandIero Just Admit :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 1 0 036. Like I Loved You by WayandIero 036. Like I Loved You :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 2 1 Everybody Hide Your Body by WayandIero Everybody Hide Your Body :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 3 3
Frankie in Wonderland Ch3
Frank jumped as the door shut its self and when he turned around there appeared to be no evidence that there was ever a door there to begin with, "because that's not freaky at all." He muttered before looking back towards the dark forest in front of him. Frank wondered if it was wise to walk through the mass of trees, it didn't look very safe, you never know what could be lurking in there. But there was a pathway, meaning someone must have walked through here before. So with a deep breath of confidence Frank started his journey.
The forest didn't turn out to be that bad once Frank found himself something to preoccupy his mind with, and of course this thing would just so happen to be Zacky. He found himself wondering what he could wear tonight that would grab Zacky's attention without looking like he was trying too hard. Then he pictured all types of scenarios which ended up in a make-out session on Zacky's bed, away from peering eyes.  
Frank smiled away to himself before tripping over
:iconwayandiero:WayandIero 9 8
Frerard-It's Love by WayandIero Frerard-It's Love :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 2 3
When the World goes Wrong-Chapter 4
Frank was not so sure about this new arrival in their group. He was certainly happy to see another human around, but he stayed close to Zacky never the less. It was clear to Frank though that Pete, one other in the group, had taken an interest. What with his little input earlier, but maybe Frank was just reading too much into it. Frank was sat on the edge of the bank quite a distance away from Ryan, but watching him all the same, sipping on his small metal cup of water that Zacky had given him to drink. From what he could tell, Ryan was very jumpy, he was wondering around approaching and watching them all carefully, like he thought at any second one of them would attack him; but Frank couldn't blame him, he was thinking the same about him. It was like Ryan was walking on thin ice, at any minute it could break. Although he approached people he quickly left, not saying a word to them. Frank stared up at Ryan as he started walking towards him, only to quickly turn around again making Fran
:iconwayandiero:WayandIero 1 0
When the World goes Wrong-Chapter 2
The panic from the screams, caused by the cuts which were made to exchange the blood. In one simple sentence the whole ordeal is summed up. All this death; it's the end of the world and it's all so simple.
The sun shined down, blinding Frank slightly as he tried to keep a positive mood while trudging through the dense forest. The trees surrounded him, looming over his head, and he didn't know whether he'd already seen certain trees before, they all looked so similar. The ground beneath his converse covered feet looked somewhat undisturbed, so the chances of running into someone unknown were not very high. But in this day and age you couldn't be too careful. Frank though, tried to be optimistic; it's all he could really do. So people were dead, or had gone completely crazy. He had a scrape across his face from the wall he'd run into, and hadn't had a bath in about three weeks. His hair was greasy to touch and stood on end, no longer having a healthy look to it. But he was still alive; a
:iconwayandiero:WayandIero 1 1
Ryan Ross WTWGW by WayandIero Ryan Ross WTWGW :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 1 2 Frankie in Wonderland by WayandIero Frankie in Wonderland :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 12 8 Where Your Heart Is by WayandIero Where Your Heart Is :iconwayandiero:WayandIero 0 0


enter mephiles...awww by Animatics enter mephiles...awww :iconanimatics:Animatics 731 483 Super South Park World by niels827 Super South Park World :iconniels827:niels827 233 69 Jotun Baby Sketches by blargberries Jotun Baby Sketches :iconblargberries:blargberries 531 33 Pyjama bros by blargberries Pyjama bros :iconblargberries:blargberries 400 15 I'm The Symbol This Town Needs by Its-Allisa I'm The Symbol This Town Needs :iconits-allisa:Its-Allisa 114 13 Loki, we love you XD by DZIU09 Loki, we love you XD :icondziu09:DZIU09 1,245 83 Avengers: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by sparkyHERO Avengers: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs :iconsparkyhero:sparkyHERO 1,086 89 FROSTIRON-HAPPY VALENTINES DAY by alexzoe FROSTIRON-HAPPY VALENTINES DAY :iconalexzoe:alexzoe 534 15 Give 'Em Hell, Kid by Rock-n-Roll-Tragedy Give 'Em Hell, Kid :iconrock-n-roll-tragedy:Rock-n-Roll-Tragedy 220 101 Done! by mason-musso Done! :iconmason-musso:mason-musso 21 53 Frankie? by MissFreakyLuce Frankie? :iconmissfreakyluce:MissFreakyLuce 95 20 Castiel: Angel of the Lord by Chari-Lou Castiel: Angel of the Lord :iconchari-lou:Chari-Lou 329 60 If I could be with you tonight by ieroshock If I could be with you tonight :iconieroshock:ieroshock 105 44 I'm Not Short by Flame-Expression I'm Not Short :iconflame-expression:Flame-Expression 147 98 + Madam Spider + by OmarRodriguezV + Madam Spider + :iconomarrodriguezv:OmarRodriguezV 811 167 Brendon Urie 28 by shelbysarrazin Brendon Urie 28 :iconshelbysarrazin:shelbysarrazin 70 2


I've decided that for next year my goal is write something at least once a week, it's time to suck the fuck up and carry on. So I'm easing myself into writing again, I can't promise that I'll get started on my unfinished stories any time soon, I'm just not ready to make that commitment yet. So just be prepared for a series of one-shot if I get the inspiration, because that's the hard part, knowing what to write about. I'll open word and stare for a while, but nothing comes to mind; or I'll get an idea for a long story and realise that I just can't do something with that length yet.

It'll be a while before anything good is coming out of my writing, but I just want to get started again, because I really miss it. GIMPics are good for a while but it's just not the same.

Anyways, hope youu have a great Christmas :glomp: I just want Halloween again.
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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

"There’s something about being extremely unashamed about what you are that really pisses people off. It means you’re going to get a lot of people that understand it and love it and a lot of people that don’t understand it and they hate it." ~Gerard Way

"Creating art or something beautiful makes you a more fulfilled person than they can ever be because they're caught up in what they hate rather than what they love." ~Andy Biersack

I am extremely anti-social, I'm certainty up for talking to people but it's the conversation that is the hard part. In light of this, you'll have to realise I do read all your comments, most of the time I just don't know what to say to them. So don't be offended if I don't reply.


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